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Breaking the vicious cycle of leakage and peristomal skin complications

Leakage and peristomal skin complications (PSC) often have a significant negative impact on the quality of life of people living with a stoma. We have developed new tools, e-learning, and a journal publication reference to assist you in better understanding the risks of a vicious cycle of leakage and peristomal skin complications.

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Learn about paediatric ostomy care

Babies and infants may require a stoma for a number of reasons. Fortunately, many can be reversed as the child matures. No matter the underlying cause or duration of the stoma, the care an infant or baby receives can greatly impact their development. Learn more about ostomy care within paediatric healthcare.

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Learn about how outward body profile influence quality of life

Many circumstances contribute in making it challenging for individuals with an outward peristomal body profile to obtain a proper ostomy product fit. Have the needs of people with outward peristomal body profiles been overlooked? Learn more about outward body profiles – incidence and complications.

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An unfamiliar body in an unfamiliar land

Profound bodily changes – such as stoma surgery – may leave the patient feeling alienated from their body and their sense of self. In this theme, we explore how stoma surgery impacts a patient’s self-perception – and what you can do to help your patients move from ‘stomaland’ to their new ‘homeland’.

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The fit is the difference

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The difference it makes cannot be over-emphasised. The right fit is the first step to giving patients security and it is the most critical prevention and treatment strategy. It is the key to avoiding the circle of leakage and skin issues. But securing the right fit isn’t easy. At Coloplast, we believe that there are 5 fit challenges to overcome for an appliance to fit right.