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Coloplast offers a range of innovative bags, plates and supporting products to help people living with an ostomy feel secure and confident.

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More about BodyFit Technology

BodyFit Technology

The knowledge that no two bodies are the same is at the core of our thinking and drives us on in our quest to design and develop solutions that can fit securely and comfortably to any peristomal body profiles.

The fit is the difference

We believe that the right fit of the base plate to the peristomal area is key to prevent leakage and correlated skin complications. That is why our SenSura Mio range are designed to fit individual bodies.

Learn more about our product solutions here. Here we should insert links to OC product site.

To support your patients to identify their body profile and stoma type and find the right solution, we have developed the BodyCheck Tool.

Learn more about the BodyCheck here.

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