Privacy notice

The purpose of this notice is to provide details about Coloplast’s processing of personal information of persons who give consent for: marketing.

  1. Who is responsible for handling my information?

The Coloplast Group consists of many companies around the world. The Coloplast companies that provide the service(s) you sign up for are the joint data controllers responsible for handling your information. Some services are provided by the local Coloplast company in your country, whereas some services are provided by Coloplast A/S in Denmark (HQ), and other services are provided by both parties together.

To this effect, the Parties have entered into an arrangement pursuant to Article 26 GDPR by which the main responsibility for obtaining consent correctly, i.e. for the validity of consent, lies with the obtaining local Coloplast Group entity in collaboration with HQ, whereas HQ and your local Coloplast Group entity share the responsibility for keeping data updated. HQ will eventually delete or anonymize data. For further information, please contact

You can see the responsible Coloplast company/ies for the relevant consent in section 2 below. In respect of the consent you give “Coloplast” is the responsible controller(s) listed in section 2 below.

  1. How is my information being handled?

The table below lists the purposes your information is used for, and for each purpose (i) what information we collect, (ii) with whom the information is shared, (iii) how long it is kept, and (iv) on what legal basis it is processed. Description of the legal basis is made with reference to relevant articles of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”).

The information Coloplast may collect depends on the service(s) you have signed up for and the consent(s) you have given. See details for consent option below. The information listed below are examples of the information Coloplast may collect. Depending on what information you have (voluntarily) provided to Coloplast, Coloplast may only hold some of the information mentioned below.

For what purpose(s) do you collect and use information about me?

  • Communicate with you via mail, phone, e-mail, social media, apps and other channels to send newsletters and marketing materials about Coloplast’s offerings of relevance to you as a Health Care Professional
  • Tailor the information Coloplast will send to you based on your preferences and details (professional details, medical area of expertise, and transaction and activity details), including in the form of personalized messages, reminders, special offers and benefits
  • Carry out segmentation analysis based on your professional details, medical area of expertise, transaction and activity details, and information preferences and to gain insights, carry out tailored campaigns and target you with information of relevance to you.

What information is being collected about me?

The information that is collected is the information you provide to Coloplast. This may include:

  1. Professional details (first name, last name, work place address and if required national HCP identification number),
  2. Contact details (e-mail address, and if required phone number)
  3. Medical area of expertise,
  4. Information preferences: The type of information you have selected to receive
  5. Transaction and activity details: Orders, invoices, date and time of calls, meetings and other interactions with Coloplast, notes from interactions with Coloplast, communication with Coloplast (e.g. e-mails and, if applicable, recorded calls), activity in Coloplast apps and visits on websites (e.g. HCP Universe)

With whom do you share this information?

Third parties that act on instruction from Coloplast (e.g. IT hosting providers). Coloplast does not sell or share your information with other third parties that use it for their own purposes.

On what legal basis do you process this information?

The information is processed on basis of your consent to receive marketing communication from us, cf. articles 6(1)(b) and 6(1)(a), cf. art. 9(2)(a) of the GDPR.

For how long do you keep this information?

For the entire duration of the contractual relationship. Data will be de-personalized if the contract is terminated or otherwise ended, e.g. if no substantial interactions between the user and Coloplast have taken place within the last three (3) years (interactions may include, but are not limited to, any orders, letters, e-mails, calls or any other type of communication), unless Coloplast is subject to legal obligations that require data storage for a longer period of time.

Responsible controller(s)

The local Coloplast entity you interact with in your country (click link to see local entities). and Coloplast A/S, 3050 Humlebaek, Denmark jointly.

You may withdraw your consent(s) at any time at no cost. Withdrawing consent will not have any negative impact on you, but you will no longer be able to receive the associated services and benefits. The consents are a requirement for obtaining the services they cover (marketing consent is required for receiving marketing materials etc.). If you withdraw your consent, this shall not affect the lawfulness of processing based on your consent before the withdrawal.

The personalized support, tailoring of information and segmentation analysis carried out under consent for marketing does not produce any legal or other similar significant effects for you. It will e.g. not affect the prices you are offered or prevent you from purchasing products and services.

Please see Coloplast’s global privacy notice for more information about how Coloplast is handling your personal information, contact information for Coloplast’s data protection officer, what your rights are and how to exercise them.


  1. How to contact Coloplast?

For questions, please contact or contact your local Coloplast representative. Find your local Coloplast office here: Coloplast local offices (