Infection and biofilm in Wound & Skin Care

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Wound infection – understanding the signs and symptoms

  • What is wound infection?
  • What causes wound infection?
  • What role do microorganisms play in a wound?
  • What are the five stages of wound infection?
  • How can you tell a wound is infected?
  • What are the clinical signs of wound infection?
  • How do you treat an infected wound?
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Biofilm and its role in wound infection

  • What is biofilm?
  • How do biofilm affect wound healing?
  • How do you detect biofilm?
  • Signs of wound infection
  • When should you suspect biofilm?
  • How to manage biofilm effectively
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How to prevent and manage biofilm

  • What is exudate pooling and why does it occur?
  • The key to prevent exudate pooling: managing ‘the gap’
  • How to prevent biofilm
  • How to manage biofilm