How to troubleshoot

No patient is the same, but they may encounter similar challenges. The how-to videos and step-by-step guides in this section share advise on how to tackle common patient challenges.

Professional resources to help you and your patients

Your patients may need a lot of help and guidance, both before and after stoma surgery. In this section, we present a wide variety of Coloplast tools, materials and programmes that can support you in caring for and helping your patients

Use the Ostomy Skin Tool

Ostomy Skin Tool

The Ostomy Skin Tool was developed for the DialogueStudy, a global clinical study, to assess the condition of peristomal skin over time. It has been tested in practice by the members of the Coloplast Global Advisory Board and some of their colleagues before being introduced into the DialogueStudy. The Ostomy Skin Tool consists of two parts; the DET score and the diagnostic guide.

Download assessment

Body Assessment

Use this editable PDF to define your patient's peristomal body profile as part of your holistic assessment. Simply open up the form by clicking the download assessment button below, then once you've completed the assessment you can save for your records and print off if required.

View digital resources

Safe digital resources

This document will allow the Stoma Care Nurse to offer supportive and reliable websites in the knowledge that patients will be receiving valuable, correct and reliable information about all aspects of life with a stoma.

View the Ostomy Self-assesment Tools

Ostomy Self-assessment Tools

If your stoma patients are experiencing sore skin or leakage, they may want to try free samples to reduce these issues. Our Ostomy Self-assessment Tools have been created with the help of stoma nurses to offer the best guidance and recommend product solutions for those issues.